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Medak,Andhra Pradesh

This is the Medak,Andhra Pradesh, India Postcode page list. Its detail is as below.

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Admin Name 2 Place Name Postcode
Medak Hanuman Nagar 502001
Medak Kalva Kunta 502001
Medak Sangareddy H O 502001
Medak S Reddy Bus Stand 502001
Medak S Reddy Collectorate 502001
Medak Nalsabgadda 502001
Medak Rajampet Colony 502001
Medak Rahimkhanpot 502101
Medak Bara E Imam 502103
Medak Indira Nagar Colony 502103
Medak Machavaram 502109
Medak Fort 502110
Medak Fatehnagar 502110
Medak M G Road 502110
Medak Havoli Ghanapur 502113
Medak Rajpalli 502117
Medak Zahirabvad Ganj 502220
Medak Zahirabad H O 502220
Medak Zahirabad Gadi 502220
Medak Zahirabad Bazar 502220
Medak Madhu Nagar 502228
Medak Zarasangam 502246
Medak Handnoor 502251
Medak Rai Kode 502257
Medak Ibrahim Nagar 502267
Medak Jagadevpur 502281
Medak Raj Gopal Pet 502284
Medak Sadashivpet Bazar 502291
Medak Sadashivpet 502291
Medak Dhanora 502305
Medak Idapasham 502307
Medak Uthloor 502307
Medak Nagi Reddi Pet 502308
Medak Yelmakanna 502323
Medak Icrisat (I C R I S A T) 502324
Medak Indrakannu 502330
Medak Palmukula 502375
Medak Palamkole 502375

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