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Nalgonda,Andhra Pradesh

This is the Nalgonda,Andhra Pradesh, India Postcode page list. Its detail is as below.

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Admin Name 2 Place Name Postcode
Nalgonda Old Abadi 508001
Nalgonda Nalgonda H O 508001
Nalgonda Raghunathapuram 508105
Nalgonda Chada 508111
Nalgonda Vali Gonda 508112
Nalgonda Kacharam 508115
Nalgonda Yadgar Palli 508115
Nalgonda Madhapur 508116
Nalgonda Hanamakur 508116
Nalgonda Wanaparthi 508116
Nalgonda Jalapur 508126
Nalgonda Hazipur 508126
Nalgonda Canal Campus 508202
Nalgonda Hill Colony 508202
Nalgonda X Road Kodad 508206
Nalgonda Balaji Nagar 508206
Nalgonda A C Palli 508207
Nalgonda Nakrekal 508211
Nalgonda Bank Street 508213
Nalgonda Nacharam Industrial Estat 508214
Nalgonda Nadigudem 508234
Nalgonda K Bheemunipalle 508248
Nalgonda Devar Konda 508248
Nalgonda Gandhi Nagar 508248
Nalgonda Nadavanore 508278
Nalgonda Wangopalli 508286
Nalgonda Vartur 508286
Nalgonda Inkriyala 508288
Nalgonda Raghavapuram 508296
Nalgonda Palakaveedu 508332
Nalgonda Indloor 508346
Nalgonda Kalmal Cheruvu 508347
Nalgonda Chalakurthi 508350
Nalgonda Nallabanda Gudem 508353
Nalgonda Wadapally 508355
Nalgonda Janpahad 508355
Nalgonda Adsarla Pally 508367
Nalgonda Nampalli 508373
Nalgonda Madugulapalli 508374
Nalgonda Damarcherla 508375

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