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Mahboobnagar,Andhra Pradesh

This is the Mahboobnagar,Andhra Pradesh, India Postcode page list. Its detail is as below.

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Admin Name 2 Place Name Postcode
Mahboobnagar Pallaburju 509001
Mahboobnagar Hanmanpura 509001
Mahboobnagar Veerannapeta 509001
Mahboobnagar Osmangunj 509001
Mahboobnagar M B N R R S 509001
Mahboobnagar Industrial Estate Mbn 509002
Mahboobnagar Wanaparthy H O 509103
Mahboobnagar Gandhi Chowk 509103
Mahboobnagar Madanapuram 509110
Mahboobnagar Varna 509113
Mahboobnagar Chandapur 509115
Mahboobnagar Rajapet 509116
Mahboobnagar Kalwakole 509117
Mahboobnagar Gadwal H O 509125
Mahboobnagar Rajoli 509126
Mahboobnagar Leeja 509127
Mahboobnagar Macherla (M) 509129
Mahboobnagar Uppal Camp 509135
Mahboobnagar Utnoor 509137
Mahboobnagar Padu 509141
Mahboobnagar Yelkur 509143
Mahboobnagar Waddepalli 509144
Mahboobnagar Palavoi 509147
Mahboobnagar Vallur 509151
Mahboobnagar Undevally 509153
Mahboobnagar Taksila 509155
Mahboobnagar Tangal 509171
Mahboobnagar Bala Nagar 509202
Mahboobnagar Devara Kadra 509204
Mahboobnagar Dhanwada 509205
Mahboobnagar Nagar Kurnool 509209
Mahboobnagar Jajapur 509211
Mahboobnagar Palem 509215
Mahboobnagar Nanajpur 509218
Mahboobnagar Nagaram 509218
Mahboobnagar Indrakal 509226
Mahboobnagar Tadia Pally 509227
Mahboobnagar Rajapur 509242
Mahboobnagar Edganpalli 509307
Mahboobnagar Utkur 509311
Mahboobnagar Gagan Pahad 509323
Mahboobnagar Kalwa Kurthy 509324
Mahboobnagar Palmakole 509325
Mahboobnagar Madgul 509327
Mahboobnagar Tala Konda Palli 509328
Mahboobnagar Hunwada 509334
Mahboobnagar A Raichur 509343
Mahboobnagar Ibrahimbad 509347
Mahboobnagar Vangoor 509349
Mahboobnagar Husnabad 509350

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