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Kurnool,Andhra Pradesh

This is the Kurnool,Andhra Pradesh, India Postcode page list. Its detail is as below.

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Admin Name 2 Place Name Postcode
Kurnool Uppal (Knr) 505101
Kurnool Indurthi 505530
Kurnool Maddurnagar 518002
Kurnool Hussain Puram 518011
Kurnool Edururu 518017
Kurnool Ulchal 518018
Kurnool Owk 518122
Kurnool Banaganapalle 518124
Kurnool Banagana Palle 518124
Kurnool Injedu 518157
Kurnool Sanjamala 518165
Kurnool Illuri Kothapeta 518186
Kurnool Cement Nagar 518206
Kurnool Jaladurgan 518220
Kurnool Yerukala Cheruvu 518225
Kurnool Adoni Cotton Market 518301
Kurnool Adoni Town 518301
Kurnool Adoni H O 518301
Kurnool Adoni Arts College 518302
Kurnool Halvi 518333
Kurnool Holala Gondi 518346
Kurnool Hala Harvi 518348
Kurnool Madhavaram 518349
Kurnool Kadivella 518350
Kurnool Yemmiganur Bazar 518360
Kurnool Yemmiganur 518360
Kurnool Hosur 518382
Kurnool Maddikere 518385
Kurnool Handri Khairwadi 518470
Kurnool Yerraguntla 518510
Kurnool Bandi Atmakur 518523
Kurnool Aallagadda H O 518543
Kurnool Chagalamarri 518553
Kurnool Yallur 518573
Kurnool Gajula Palle 518583
Kurnool Deebaguntla 518669

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