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Chittoor,Andhra Pradesh

This is the Chittoor,Andhra Pradesh, India Postcode page list. Its detail is as below.

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Admin Name 2 Place Name Postcode
Chittoor Yerrangunta Palli 515412
Chittoor C T R Court Buildings 517001
Chittoor C T R Bazar 517001
Chittoor C T R Market 517001
Chittoor Lalugardens 517001
Chittoor C T R South 517002
Chittoor Kajoor 517002
Chittoor Chandragiri H O 517101
Chittoor Chandragiri Fort 517101
Chittoor Pakala 517112
Chittoor Pakala Bazar 517112
Chittoor Kallur 517113
Chittoor Maddinavani Palle 517115
Chittoor Iral 517130
Chittoor Pallur 517135
Chittoor Sami Reddi Palle 517139
Chittoor Gajula Palli 517141
Chittoor Iiavaripalle 517148
Chittoor Kalva Gunta 517151
Chittoor Damal Cheruvu 517152
Chittoor Odde Palle 517160
Chittoor Palakur 517163
Chittoor Yellampalle Santha Gate 517165
Chittoor Bakarapet 517194
Chittoor Palle 517196
Chittoor Yerravaripalem 517197
Chittoor Talupula 517215
Chittoor Jandla 517217
Chittoor Kalikiri 517234
Chittoor Kalakada 517236
Chittoor Palamanda 517239
Chittoor Erra Kota Palle 517240
Chittoor Vanamaladinne 517250
Chittoor Vayalpad 517299
Chittoor Kali Cherla 517301
Chittoor Samudram 517319
Chittoor Madanapalle Bazar 517325
Chittoor Madanapalle H O 517325
Chittoor Madanapalle 517327
Chittoor Madanapalle College 517327
Chittoor Madanapalli Bus Station 517327
Chittoor Palamner H O 517408
Chittoor Baireddi Palle 517415
Chittoor Bangaru Palem 517416
Chittoor Yadammarri 517422
Chittoor Jagannathapuram 517501
Chittoor S V Agri College 517502
Chittoor S V University 517502
Chittoor S V Nagar (Trp) 517502
Chittoor Padi 517503

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