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Cuddapah,Andhra Pradesh

This is the Cuddapah,Andhra Pradesh, India Postcode page list. Its detail is as below.

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Admin Name 2 Place Name Postcode
Cuddapah Cdp Maruthi Nagar 516001
Cuddapah Cdp Mandi Bazar 516001
Cuddapah Cdp Co-Op Colony 516001
Cuddapah Cdp Almaspet 516001
Cuddapah Cdp Sunnapurallapally 516001
Cuddapah Cdp Nagarjupet 516001
Cuddapah Cdp Mochampet 516001
Cuddapah Cdp Masapet 516001
Cuddapah Yerra Mukkapalli Cuddapah 516004
Cuddapah Machupalli (Cuddapah) 516005
Cuddapah Obulavari Palle 516108
Cuddapah T Kamma Palle 516113
Cuddapah Yerraguntla Kota 516114
Cuddapah Yarraguntla Kota 516114
Cuddapah Rajampet R S 516115
Cuddapah Rajampet H O 516115
Cuddapah Palle 516118
Cuddapah Utukuru 516119
Cuddapah Galivari Palle 516120
Cuddapah T Sundupalle 516130
Cuddapah Madithadu 516133
Cuddapah Tallapaka 516134
Cuddapah Tangutur 516151
Cuddapah Onipenta 516173
Cuddapah Sambe Palli 516215
Cuddapah Kalas Pad 516217
Cuddapah Badvel 516227
Cuddapah Badvel Bus Stand 516227
Cuddapah Madhavaram (C) 516247
Cuddapah Lakki Reddi Palle 516257
Cuddapah Palle 516259
Cuddapah Chakrayapeta 516260
Cuddapah Galivedu 516267
Cuddapah Veera Balle 516268
Cuddapah Eguvagottiveedu 516271
Cuddapah T Sadipiralla 516290
Cuddapah Valluru 516293
Cuddapah Yerrangutla 516309
Cuddapah Yerraguntla West 516309
Cuddapah Urutur 516311
Cuddapah Veerappanayuni Palle 516321
Cuddapah Vaim Palle 516329
Cuddapah Veeranna Cattupalle 516330
Cuddapah Talla Palle 516350
Cuddapah Nakkala Dinne 516356
Cuddapah Holmespet 516361
Cuddapah Upparapalle 516365
Cuddapah Pallavolu 516366
Cuddapah Lingala 516396
Cuddapah Agadur 516421

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