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Anantapur,Andhra Pradesh

This is the Anantapur,Andhra Pradesh, India Postcode page list. Its detail is as below.

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Admin Name 2 Place Name Postcode
Anantapur Sainagar 515001
Anantapur A T P Collectorate 515001
Anantapur S B Mahaveer Road 515001
Anantapur Gandhi Bazar 515001
Anantapur Old Town Anantapur 515005
Anantapur Hindupur H O 515201
Anantapur Hindupur Extension 515202
Anantapur Hindupur Sevamandir 515212
Anantapur Vanavolu 515232
Anantapur Halakur 515282
Anantapur Hemavathi 515286
Anantapur Madakasira 515301
Anantapur Madakasira Bazar 515301
Anantapur Kallu Marri 515303
Anantapur Basavanahalli 515306
Anantapur Agali 515311
Anantapur Lepakshi 515331
Anantapur Dema Kethe Palli 515332
Anantapur Nagasamudram 515404
Anantapur Yadiki 515408
Anantapur R V Palem 515411
Anantapur Tadapatri H O 515411
Anantapur Tadpatri Bus Stand 515411
Anantapur Tadpatri Extn 515411
Anantapur Tadpatri Bazar 515411
Anantapur Tagarampudi Sitha 515411
Anantapur Challavari Palli 515419
Anantapur Nagaruru 515456
Anantapur Chandana 515458
Anantapur Yellanur 515465
Anantapur Nallacheruvu 515551
Anantapur Obuladevarachervu 515561
Anantapur Tanakallu 515571
Anantapur Talupula 515581
Anantapur Kadiri 515591
Anantapur Tadi Marri 515631
Anantapur Bathala Palle 515661
Anantapur Samudram 515701
Anantapur Jalli Palli 515712
Anantapur Kalyan Durg 515761
Anantapur Kalyandrug Bazar 515761
Anantapur Pala Voyi 515762
Anantapur Kalluru R S 515774
Anantapur Hanumes Nagar 515801
Anantapur Rajendranagar 515801
Anantapur Railway Colony 515801
Anantapur Old Guntakal 515803
Anantapur Urvakonda 515812
Anantapur Chabala 515813
Anantapur Vajrakarur 515832

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