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Prakasam,Andhra Pradesh

This is the Prakasam,Andhra Pradesh, India Postcode page list. Its detail is as below.

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Admin Name 2 Place Name Postcode
Prakasam Ongole H O 523001
Prakasam Addanki Gate 523001
Prakasam Lawyerpeta (Ongole) 523002
Prakasam Ongole Bazar 523002
Prakasam Woolapalem 523104
Prakasam Lingasamudram 523114
Prakasam Jandrapet 523165
Prakasam Ipurupalem 523166
Prakasam Kadava Kuduru 523181
Prakasam Nagula Palle Padu 523183
Prakasam Uppaugundur 523186
Prakasam Idupulapadu 523190
Prakasam Idumudi 523194
Prakasam Addanki H O 523201
Prakasam Maddi Padu 523211
Prakasam Paidipadu 523216
Prakasam N S C Colony 523226
Prakasam Bandlamudi 523226
Prakasam Hanumanthuni Padu 523227
Prakasam Darsi Nsc Colony 523247
Prakasam Uppalapadu (P) 523253
Prakasam Valaparla 523260
Prakasam Llapavulur 523263
Prakasam Talluru 523264
Prakasam Yedugundla Padu 523269
Prakasam Valluru 523272
Prakasam Tanguturu 523274
Prakasam Tanguturu Bus Stand 523274
Prakasam Devagudur 523277
Prakasam Uppalapadu (K) 523279
Prakasam Madanur 523280
Prakasam Eta Mukkala 523280
Prakasam Paleti Padu 523290
Prakasam Ualavapadu 523292
Prakasam Jayavaram 523297
Prakasam Gajjala Konda 523315
Prakasam Erragonda Palem 523327
Prakasam Edavalli 523356
Prakasam Racherla 523368

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