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Nizamabad,Andhra Pradesh

This is the Nizamabad,Andhra Pradesh, India Postcode page list. Its detail is as below.

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Admin Name 2 Place Name Postcode
Nizamabad Gandhi Gunj 503001
Nizamabad Gajul Pet 503001
Nizamabad Jawahar Road 503001
Nizamabad Valmikinagar 503001
Nizamabad Namdewada 503002
Nizamabad Jangampalli 503102
Nizamabad Talmadla 503103
Nizamabad Rajampet (Kamareddy) 503110
Nizamabad Indira Nagar 503111
Nizamabad Jagajivan Ramnagar 503111
Nizamabad Gandhari 503114
Nizamabad Yerra Pahad 503120
Nizamabad Y R Old Town 503122
Nizamabad Yella Reddy 503122
Nizamabad Demi 503124
Nizamabad Lingampet 503124
Nizamabad Dharamraopet 503145
Nizamabad Sadsivnagar 503145
Nizamabad Indalwai R S 503164
Nizamabad Darpalli 503165
Nizamabad Nadepalli 503176
Nizamabad Padkal 503178
Nizamabad Camp Ootpalli 503180
Nizamabad Banswada 503187
Nizamabad Banswada Bazar 503187
Nizamabad Jankampet R S 503193
Nizamabad Varni 503201
Nizamabad Jakora 503201
Nizamabad Edpalli 503202
Nizamabad Balkonda 503217
Nizamabad Fathepur 503220
Nizamabad Ziryatnagar 503224
Nizamabad Palem 503225
Nizamabad Dharamaram 503230
Nizamabad Bardipur 503231
Nizamabad Jannepalli 503246
Nizamabad Madnoor 503309
Nizamabad Vailpur 503311
Nizamabad Vannel B 503313
Nizamabad Padgal 503315

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