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Warangal,Andhra Pradesh

This is the Warangal,Andhra Pradesh, India Postcode page list. Its detail is as below.

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Admin Name 2 Place Name Postcode
Warangal Hanamkonda H O 506001
Warangal Lashkar Bazar 506001
Warangal Warangal H O 506002
Warangal S V N Road 506002
Warangal Railway Gate 506002
Warangal Fatimanagar 506003
Warangal Bapuji Nagar 506003
Warangal R E College (Wgl) 506004
Warangal Deshaipet (Wgl) 506006
Warangal Kakatiya Medical College 506007
Warangal Industrial Estate 506007
Warangal Fort Warangal 506008
Warangal Hanamkonda Bus Stn 506011
Warangal Deval Hazar Sutoon 506011
Warangal M G Road 506012
Warangal Laxmipur (Wgl) 506013
Warangal Kakatiya Canal Colony Wgl 506015
Warangal Mahabubabad H O 506101
Warangal Madikonda 506142
Warangal Pallagutta 506144
Warangal Abadi Ghanpur 506144
Warangal Eturnagaram 506165
Warangal Jangaon Bazar 506167
Warangal Jangaon H O 506167
Warangal Ladnoor 506224
Warangal Raghunath Palli 506244
Warangal Quilashapur 506244
Warangal Ippaguda 506252
Warangal Chagal 506301
Warangal Devaruppala 506302
Warangal Wagon Work Shop (Krishna) 506303
Warangal Waddicherla Nawabpet 506303
Warangal Wardhannapet 506313
Warangal Rai Parthi 506314
Warangal Dathala Palli 506315
Warangal Zaffargadh 506316
Warangal Waddekothapalle 506318
Warangal Sangam 506329
Warangal Dharma Rao Cheruvu 506330
Warangal Jangalapalli 506352
Warangal Waddepalli 506370
Warangal Hasanparthi 506371
Warangal Cathedral Compound 506381
Warangal Nadikuda 506391

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