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Vishakhapatnam,Andhra Pradesh

This is the Vishakhapatnam,Andhra Pradesh, India Postcode page list. Its detail is as below.

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Admin Name 2 Place Name Postcode
Vishakhapatnam Fort Ward 530001
Vishakhapatnam Official Colony 530002
Vishakhapatnam Lic Bldg 530004
Vishakhapatnam Waltair Rs H O 530004
Vishakhapatnam Gandhi Gram (Visakha) 530005
Vishakhapatnam Industrial Estate 530007
Vishakhapatnam Depot (Visakha) 530009
Vishakhapatnam P & T Colony (Visakha) 530013
Vishakhapatnam Ins Satavahana 530014
Vishakhapatnam Lalithanagaram 530016
Vishakhapatnam Lawsons Bay Colony Visakh 530017
Vishakhapatnam Madhuravada (Visakha) 530019
Vishakhapatnam Daba Gardens (Visakha) 530020
Vishakhapatnam Lalitha Colony 530020
Vishakhapatnam Housing Board Colony 530022
Vishakhapatnam Salagramapuram (Visakha) 530024
Vishakhapatnam Kailasapuram 530024
Vishakhapatnam Gajuvaka (Visakha) 530026
Vishakhapatnam Yellapuvanipalem 530027
Vishakhapatnam Yendada (Visakha) 530039
Vishakhapatnam A M A L College 531001
Vishakhapatnam Gandhi Market 531001
Vishakhapatnam Nadanam Doddi 531002
Vishakhapatnam Achutapuram 531011
Vishakhapatnam Vaddadi 531026
Vishakhapatnam Madugula 531027
Vishakhapatnam Devara Palle 531030
Vishakhapatnam Yellamanchili 531055
Vishakhapatnam S Rayavaram 531060
Vishakhapatnam Lakkavaram 531075
Vishakhapatnam Etikoppaka 531082
Vishakhapatnam Raghavendranagar 531133
Vishakhapatnam Lakkavarapu Kota 531161

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