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Karimnagar,Andhra Pradesh

This is the Karimnagar,Andhra Pradesh, India Postcode page list. Its detail is as below.

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Admin Name 2 Place Name Postcode
Karimnagar K Nagar Bus Stand 505001
Karimnagar Jawahar Nagar 505002
Karimnagar Vagapalli 505102
Karimnagar Jammikunta 505122
Karimnagar Odela 505152
Karimnagar Madka 505152
Karimnagar Raghavapur 505173
Karimnagar Nagaram 505184
Karimnagar Jallaram 505184
Karimnagar Basant Nagar 505187
Karimnagar Ladnapur 505188
Karimnagar Kalvacherla 505188
Karimnagar Elkalapalli 505188
Karimnagar Adivarampet 505188
Karimnagar Abadi Ramagundam 505208
Karimnagar Madpalli 505209
Karimnagar Fertilizer City 505210
Karimnagar Gandhi Chowk 505301
Karimnagar Racharla Boppapur 505305
Karimnagar Jagtial H O 505327
Karimnagar Elgandal 505401
Karimnagar Tadoor 505405
Karimnagar Bandankal 505407
Karimnagar Vablapur 505413
Karimnagar Nagnoor 505417
Karimnagar Dharamapuri 505425
Karimnagar Ibrahimpathnam (Knr) 505450
Karimnagar Raikal 505460
Karimnagar Husnabad 505467
Karimnagar Kachapur 505470
Karimnagar Saidapur 505472
Karimnagar Tadikal 505474
Karimnagar Rachapalli 505475
Karimnagar Vavilal 505475
Karimnagar Damera 505476
Karimnagar Yelkadurthi 505476
Karimnagar Raikal 505480
Karimnagar Vangara 505480
Karimnagar K C Campus (Huzurabad) 505498
Karimnagar Veena Vanka 505502
Karimnagar Challore 505505
Karimnagar Ootur 505505
Karimnagar Elgaid 505525
Karimnagar Endapalli 505526
Karimnagar Lower Manair Dam Colony 505527
Karimnagar Devanakonda 518465
Karimnagar Jangareddi Gudem Bazar 534447
Karimnagar Janga Reddi Gudem H O 534447

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